About us

GTS Schips

Gensta Trading & Shipping BV, or GTS ships, is a shipbroker based in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. that focuses on mediating the purchase and sale of all types of inland vessels.

GTS schepen was founded in 2007. Thanks to our many years of experience in inland shipping and brokerage, we know what we are talking about and can offer you the best possible service when buying and selling your ship. We have already mediated in the sale of hundreds of inland vessels. Not only in the Netherlands but also to Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Belgium, France, Ukraine and other European and even African countries.

The Gensta Trading & Shipping BV team consists of three experienced ship brokers. The website www.gtsschepen.nl is frequently visited inside and outside Europe. The website shows an extensive photo report and the most complete data possible. This gives our potential buyers a good idea of the ships for sale in advance.


Our working method

  1. You can offer your ship for sale by following the instructions on our website. You can fill in your personal details and your ship’s data here and you can attach your photos here. You can also e-mail or call us to make an appointment. We will then come to you and go through all your details with you. Then we will make a photo report of your ship. Before we include your ship in our database and place your ship on our website we ask you to sign our privacy statement. We also ask your signature for the agreed commission amount.
  2. GTS starts looking for potential buyer(s) and offering the vessel to potential buyer(s).
  3. We inform you when potential buyer(s) register(s) with GTS. If desired, we provide all the necessary data of your vessel to the potential buyer(s).
  4. If necessary, GTS works closely together with other reliable fellow brokers.
  5. If you are seriously interested in the vessel we will plan a visit. This visit will be guided by GTS.
  6. When selling your vessel, GTS will draw up a purchase agreement. Beforehand GTS will mediate with the buyer and seller about the items and reservations which will be included in the purchase agreement.
  7. GTS supervises the further sales process such as the engine inspection and the hull inspection.
  8. Once all the conditions set out in the purchase agreement have been fulfilled and there are no more reservations, the file will be passed at the notary.
  9. As a final part of our part in the sales process, GTS will support the new owner with the registration of the vessel’s documents



When listing, placing on the site and providing information about your vessel, GTS exercises the care of a good contractor and is fully committed to the interests of the client.

GTS is not liable for any incorrect or erroneous information.

See also our sales conditions.